Unity Cash

Growth, Stability, and Utility

Unity Cash is a universal currency, automatically diversified to maintain value against base assets while also being instantly convertable to any currency for global use.While traditional banks and currencies are expensive, have high exchange rates, limited by borders, and take days to send; Unity Cash can be converted, paid, or donated to anyone over a decentralized network in under a second and for less than a penny!

Unity Wallet

Security, Speed, and Function

Unity Wallet will be the last wallet you’ll ever need.With the power of blockchain and decentralization no one has access to your funds except you, not even our team or any government.This security does not sacrifice speed or cost with near instant transactions for less than a penny; and with growing integrations to existing banks, cards, and mobile wallets you’ll be able to use your Unity Wallet anywhere.

Unity charity

CommUnity can make a difference.

No Donation Fees

With greater financial power, we can work together with no fee donations to vetted charitable causes to change the world.

Project Voting

Unity itself is not for profit, with all revenue after costs donated to vetted projects. Your wallet gives you a vote on which ones!